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General Use Membership

All the structure of a class, with video support, but on your time, your schedule, and affordable.  For only $68 a month you can get started being stronger, faster, more flexible, more confident, and you get to do it with a great community of people.

  • No pesky sales people
  • No contracts
  • Only get what you want
  • No commitment (except to yourself), cancel any time

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Better, Faster, Stronger! We have the technology!

Our App gives you everything you need to begin. Perfect for people that want to start their fitness journey but don't feel ready for a personal trainer.

Perfect for a beginner and advanced enough for all of you seasoned warriors out there. We fill our beginner programs with video assistance for each workout, filmed and managed by our trainers.  Get exclusive A2FF workouts.

Our App can help you plan and manage your workouts, get feedback from trainers, ask questions, look up exercises, and much, much more!

The "General Use Membership" is the collective's basic membership. It gives you access to (1) the space and (2) the app. Through the app, you'll have conditioning programs delivered directly to you, which you can then DO at the gym or even at home and on the go. You can add any additional programs (one-on-one training, nutrition counseling, etc.) to your "cart" in the app and pay per program -- that way you're only paying for what you use!

General Use Membership also gives you access to come in and do your own workouts!  If you are a....

  • Figure Athlete
  • Martial Artist, MMA, Boxer, or Personal Protection specialist
  • Powerlifter
  • Kettlebell enthusiast
  • Yogi
  • Olympiclifter
  • Climber
  • Parkourist
  • Strongman / Strongwoman
  • or you just like playing around with lots of different things

A2FF is a fitness subscription -- kind of like Netflix or Spotify. 

We highly recommend you login through one of our convenient apps:

Group Trainings

Group Trainings happen at the gym and each class is led by a certified trainer. You can see the offerings over on the Group Trainings page, where they are organized via date/time so you can see which ones work for you. To sign up for a group training, contact the instructor directly and they'll get you set up in no time!

Personal Training

Personal Training is similar to group training, but it's just you and the instructor! You get one-on-one attention and you can schedule at your convenience. To sign up for personal training, contact the instructor directly and they'll get you set up in no time.